Simply. Travel. Better. That's our motto at Joel Bond Travels, providing you with bespoke travel itineraries and accompanied custom tours that make your travel experience something to really write home about.

Large tour companies operate within much the same framework: get lots of people to fill a tour bus, herd them from site to site, don't waver from the rigid timetable, and stick some guy on a squeaky PA system to present a tired, dry script of useless information that will mostly be forgotten by the end of the tour. All that to leave you more tired at the end of the day, with nothing to show but the tat purchased from half a dozen souvenir shops.

But what if you could do what you really wanted to do, and on your terms -- not theirs?

Joel Bond Travels is a different way to discover your destination. Leave behind the tour buses, and connect with your destination like you actually live there. With Joel Bond as your guide, you discover your destination like a local. With your own private guide and driver, you determine the when, where and how long of your tour. Forget the cumbersome guidebooks with page after page of tourist-oriented listings and head straight to the places where the real locals go. Pick up a market lunch on your way to a countryside manor home, or stop by an independently-owned coffee shop after a visit to a private art collection. Chat with shopkeepers over a glass of hot tea, sing karaoke with strangers into the small hours of the morning, or haggle for that delicately handmade silk scarf in the bazaar. Wherever your travels take you, Joel Bond can connect you in ways you never thought possible. With extensive travel experience in hundreds of cities across every inhabited continent, Joel Bond gets you in touch with the real heart of your destination. Think of it less like a tour guide, and more like a travel companion who opens doors to experiences that help you get the most out of your time away.