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Photo Credit: Doug Bachtel

Photo Credit: Doug Bachtel

Joel Bond, World Traveller

American-born, British naturalised and flirtatiously French, Joel Bond considers himself a true World Citizen. Having set foot on every inhabited continent under multiple passports, it would seem he is the true 007, declaring 'non sufficit orbis' - The World is Not Enough - with every new adventure.

With years of travel experience under his belt and a list of countries visited as long as your arm (with stories to boot!), Joel's travels are more than just pleasure-seeking pursuits. Every trip is a chance to learn something new about the world and it's people. You're invited to join in and discover with him.

In past lives, Joel has worked as a flight attendant and international volunteer coordinator and library reference clerk. A unique combination of skills makes every Joel Bond Travels booking a discovery tour in travel hacks, human culture and education.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, drinking good wine and exploring even more new places.