I’ve been to a lot of places before, but this was the first time I learned how to travel.
— Octavio, Registro, Brazil
I’ve had the pleasure of participating in several Joel Bond Tours. 

I find that Joel has a certain talent for assessing the interest of his fellow travelers and compiling an itinerary that focuses on a unique aspect of those interest.  For example, I love antiques and curios that reflect the history and culture of the particular area that I am touring.  Knowing this, Joel would inevitability find the most unique shop to pop into along the roadside or just around the corner down a narrow passageway.  While I was enthralled in the scenery or current activity, Joel was thinking beyond the moment to incorporate my particular interest into our experience. 

I am also astounded by the background knowledge that Joel had on the places we traveled.  He is a storehouse of information and a wonderful storyteller who can make a castle ruin come alive with tales of it’s past and historical significance.  He also engages well with the locals to incorporate their spin and insights into our experience. 

Finally, I find that Joel’s patience is unwavering.  No matter what challenges we encountered along the way, Joel had a smile, a laugh, and a brilliant plan “B”.

Thank you, Joel!  I’m looking forward to the next tour.
— Roberta, Texas, USA
I travel a lot and have met a lot of people in my life, but my life and my trip style changed immediately after Joel. He is well-organised, does everything perfectly and manages on time. Once you travel with this guy, you’ll want to do it every time !
— Shadiman, Baku, Azerbaijan
I went on a fantastic week tour of Iceland. The entire trip - from the flights to the hotel to the destinations in Iceland - was planned by Joel Bond and to this day it is one of my favorite and most memorable vacations. Due to Joel’s planning, I was able to enjoy a stress-free visit to the major sites of Iceland.
— Ryan, Maryland, USA
I am honoured to be the person Joel has travelled with the most [at the time of writing this], which feels hard to believe considering the many amazing places he has been to and the many great friends he makes along the way. A natural people-person, friendly and easy spend time with, Joel already has such a knowledge of so many places around the globe, but is also so skilled at navigating new places and cultures whatever the purpose or budget. In my humble opinion his specialty is trips off the beaten track, if you’re looking for a way into the real culture of a new city or country, Joel is the travel companion for you.
— Alex, Oregon, USA
Our trip to Israel was more than I would have ever thought. In one week we journeyed to 3 wonderfully different places, that were beautiful and exciting in their own distinct ways. Many times amazingly off the beaten path, but still in heart of what anyone would want to experience in the Holy Land.
— Michael, London, England